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We provide a one-stop maintenance and service centre for all your material handling equipment needs. With years of experience and knowledge in this industry, our mechanics and service crews are well-equipped to handle any problems that you encounter with your forklift. Whether you require repair services for your forklift battery, tire or transmission system, our crew is able to help you. With our high quality and service standards, you can rest assured that we will try to resolve all technical problems and reduce disruption to your daily operations.

We are your one-stop destination for all your forklift requirements. With a wealth of experience, we can assure you that you're in safe hands. All makes and models of equipment catered for, our team is fully equipped to provide cost-effective forklift repairs.

Our Services :
  • Forklift Maintenance & Services
  • Heavy Machine Maintenance
  • Spare Parts
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Mobile Workshop
  • Forklift Rental
We can Repair :
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Brakes
  • Masts
  • Attachments and carriages
  • Hoses
  • Tyres

Apart from the Service Station Workshop, we also provide MOBILE WORKSHOPS for the forklift maintenance and on-site repair services. Our forklift repair services can either be done on-site at your premise or at our state-of-the-art service centers. Depending on whether your forklift requires major or minor repairs, our crew will make the necessary recommendations. This type of service is designed to provide convenience and efficiency by bringing the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise directly to the customer's location. Our Mobile workshops are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to perform various maintenance tasks on forklifts. These workshops are typically housed in specially designed vehicles that are equipped with workbenches, storage cabinets, power tools, diagnostic equipment, and other essential resources. The mobile workshop is staffed by trained technicians who have expertise in forklift maintenance and repair. We offer a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible solution for businesses that rely on forklifts in their daily operations. By bringing the necessary expertise and resources directly to the customer's location, these services help ensure that forklifts are properly maintained, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.